Elliot Morgan Shows Knowledge Junkies 35 Jobs That No Longer Exist [Video]

Youtube is known to many as a website for its numerous number of videos. Either entertaining or informative, there is something for everyone. This is also the perfect site for those who want to learn a whole lot about nothing just for the sake of knowing something. For those who don’t understand what that means, it is just a fancy way of knowing a lot of information that might only be great when it comes to Trivial Pursuit, or the final round in Jeopardy. The Inquisitr reported on such educational videos in which the most recent one is a scientific study on goats. That’s right! I just wrote goats.

Now there is a new video on Youtube which is getting a lot of attention for knowledge junkies yet again as Elliot Morgan from Mashable shows and explains to viewers 35 jobs that no longer exist.

Uploaded on the official Youtube Channel for Mental Floss, the video has almost 350,000 views with over 4,000 likes. I little over 400 people didn’t care about jobs that don’t exist anymore, apparently. Also, as of the publication of this article, this video is in Youtube’s 100 Most Popular Youtube Videos list.

So what are the 35 jobs that no longer exist? Well, as a reference, I will list all the jobs that are mentioned in the video through a list below just as reference. More precise details will be in the video.

  1. Phrenologist – Measures and examines skulls
  2. River Pigs/Log Drivers – Guided logs down the river
  3. Powder Monkeys – Resupplied cannons with gunpower on ships
  4. Badgers – Bought food and resold it in markets
  5. Ratteners – Catch and sold rats to pubs
  6. Leech Collectors – Collected leeches for medical procedures
  7. Ressurectionists – Remove corpses from graves for study purposes
  8. Sin-Eaters – Ate food off corpses
  9. Knocker Ups – Human alarm clock
  10. Lectors – Entertained factory workers
  11. Mudlarks – Collected and sold stuff found in rivers
  12. Filibusters – American mercenaries in Central America
  13. Lungs – Stoked the fires in an alchemist’s workshop
  14. Alnager – Maintained quality of woolen goods
  15. Necessary Woman – Cleaned chamber pots
  16. Lamplighters – Lit up street lamps at night
  17. Ice Cutters – Saw up ice from frozen lakes to give to people
  18. Fullers – Helped bind woven fabric
  19. Thimbleriggers – Dealt three-card-monte with thimbles
  20. Pinsetters – Set up pins at the bowling alley
  21. Dog Whippers – Kept dogs off church property
  22. Gong Farmers – Harvested human excrement from outhouses
  23. Herb Strewers – Threw fragrant items around monarch to mask stench
  24. Catchpoles – Rounded up debtors
  25. Weirkeepers – Kept fish traps
  26. Hobblers – Towed boats
  27. Arkwrights – Made arks or wooden chests
  28. Redsmiths – Blacksmiths but only with copper
  29. Knackers – Made harnesses
  30. Chandlers – Made candles
  31. Egglers – Sold eggs
  32. Colliers – Sold charcoal
  33. Haberdashers – Dealt in men’s furnishings
  34. Ackerman – Another name for an oxherder
  35. Hayward – Person in charge of fences and hedges

What do you think about the list? Did you learn something new? Please let us know in the comments below.

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