‘Big Brother 16’: Does Caleb Reynolds Regret His Loyalty?

Big Brother fanatics who read the official CBS player bios at the beginning of season 16 would know this about Caleb Reynolds: he is an adventure-hunting guide. He is 26 years old and hails from Dallas, Texas. And he’s loyal. In fact, he chose the following as the “three adjectives” he would use to describe himself: “loyal, talented, and charming.”

According to Big Brother Network, Caleb’s devotion to loyalty was his “greatest strength and worst enemy” in the game. His once-gigantic alliance of eight people, the Bomb Squad, kept him from eviction up until the final four. But once he was no longer needed, he was sent home instead of a player, Victoria Rafaeli, perceived to be less effective in competitions and therefore easier to beat.

The Hollywood Reporter, in its post-eviction interview with Caleb, acknowledged that loyalty is a big part of the Big Brother game. Asked if he was perhaps too loyal and should have tried a different approach, Caleb claimed he had no regrets.

“Hindsight is 20/20. But, I wouldn’t change it for nothing, because at the end of the day, loyalty got me to the Final 4.”

When asked by Entertainment Weekly what he is most proud of in his Big Brother game, he mentioned loyalty once again.

“Basically, being myself and maintaining my morals and keeping my expectations high for myself. And remembering a lot of those key words: honor, dignity, integrity, respect and the biggest word of all — loyalty. Maintaining those and just being me and portraying who I really am as a person.”

Big Brother Network brought up how Caleb’s game changed after his inside-the-house crush, Amber Borzotra, was evicted. He admitted her departure did have an effect on his play.

“I would say when Amber was in the house I was probably more worried about pleasing her and being a gentleman to kind of win her over. When she left, I was not interested in anyone else like that so I got to open up and be myself more.”

He also told EW that if he had made it to the final two, he would have won. One of his biggest regrets, according to The Hollywood Reporter, was not studying the Big Brother game sufficiently.

It is uncertain whether Caleb would have gotten further in the game if he had successful executed his intended strategy, as listed in his CBS bio: “I will make sure I have the ladies in my pocket.”

The Big Brother 16 finale airs Wednesday, September 24 on CBS.

[Image: CBS/Big Brother]

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