‘Destiny’ Public Events: When And Where To Find Them

The code behind Destiny is quickly being cracked by enterprising players willing to share their discoveries. A group of Redditors have come up with a way for PlayStation and Xbox players to track when public events in the game are about to launch in the different zones for each of the four maps.

Public events occur during patrols or strike mission in Destiny. These are dynamic events that must be completed within a certain time period. Players will earn Gold, Silver, or Broze tier rewards based on their performance during the event.

Rewards typically include an Asendent Shard, Ascendant Enery, or a Strange Coin along with a package the first time a Gold rating is earned for an event. However, Vanguard Marks are always earned for each ranking; 4 for Gold, 3 for Silver, and 2 for Bronze.

Since Vanguard Marks are coveted for the ability to level up a player’s Vanguard Rankings, being able to efficiently hunt down and complete public events is important. Redditor lax20attack put together a Destiny Public Events website to help keep track of when and where public events will occur.

Each public event starts at a regularly scheduled times each hour. For example, the Devil Walker public event in Old Russia regularly happens in The Divide section of the map at a 15 minutes and 45 minutes past every hour.

Destiny Public Event

It’s important to note that there’s no guarantee that a public event will actually kick off at the time noted. Some events happen regularly, some less regularly, and some happen rarely.

That said, it does help knowing approximately when these events are happening while you are doing a Patrol mission. It will allow you to move from one section of the map to another to catch the event and earn those all-important Vanguard marks.

Here is the approximate schedule as captured by Destinypedia, which the Destiny Public Events website uses. Keep in mind that Bungie could change the frequency of these events and not all times have been confirmed yet.

Public Event Types

  • Defeat Extraction Crews – Defeat three waves of enemies before time runs out to deactivate the Glimmer Drill.
  • Event: Defend the Warsat – Have your Ghost scan the warsat; the more Guardians that stand near it, the faster it can download the data. Defend yourself from waves of enemy reinforcements.
  • Defeat the Devil Walker – Destroy a Devil Walker before time runs out.
  • Kill an Enemy – A powerful enemy with high health and rapid shield regeneration will appear. Defeat them before they reach a checkpoint; this will require heavy firepower from several players.
  • Prevent Vex Sacrifices – Similar to Defend the Warsat, keep the Vex away from the object/area, allowing up to 10 sacrifices until failure. There is a countdown to defend the object/area.

Public Event Schedule

Old Russia

The Steppes

  • Event: Defeat Extraction Crews
  • Start Times: X:10-X:25 & X:45-X:55


  • Event: Defend the Warsat or kill boss or Defeat Extraction Crews
  • Start Times: X:00 & X:30

The Divide

  • Event: Defeat Devil Walker
  • Start Times: X:10-X:15 & X:40-X:45


  • Event: Kill Hallowed Knight
  • Start Times:?

Forgotten Shore

  • Event: Kill Fallen Captain
  • Start Times: X:35-X:40
  • Event: Defeat Extraction Crews
  • Start Times:?


  • Event: Defend Warsat OR Fallen & Hive war
  • Start Times: X:00-X:05 & X:30-X:35

Ocean of Storms


  • Event: Defeat Extraction Crews
  • Start Times: X:35-X:45 (?)
  • Event: Defeat Hive Wizard
  • Start Times: X:10-X:15 (?)

Anchor of Light

  • Event: Defend the Warsat
  • Start Times: X:00-X:010
  • Event: Destroy The Fallen Walker
  • Start Times: X:25-X:45
  • Event: Destroy The Fallen Walker
  • Start Times: X:00-X:05

Ishtar Sink

Ember Caves

  • Event: Defeat Extraction Crews
  • Start Times: X:30-X:35

The Citadel

  • Event: Prevent Vex Sacrifices
  • Start Times: X:35-X:40

Ishtar Cliffs

  • Event: Prevent Vex Sacrifices
  • Start Times: X:35-X:40

Meridian Bay

The Hollows

  • Event: Kill Cabal Engineer
  • Start Times: X:05-X:10

The Barrens

  • Event: Defend The Warsat
  • Start Times: X:05
  • Event: Eliminate The Target: Axis Minotaur
  • Start Times: X:30-X:40

How are you enjoying Destiny‘s public events so far? Let us know in the comments below.

[Images via Bungie, Destiny Wiki]

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