‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Is Slowly Moving Towards Production

DC Comics is hoping the Suicide Squad will be the next comic book movie to be a giant hit. There have been rumors of a movie based on this team of anti-heroes for a while now, but new talk seems to indicate the film is actually zeroing in on a director. This new DC comics project is said to be one of the flicks not yet announced but definitely being worked on.

WB, the studio helming Suicide Squad, is looking at to drive the project is none other than Fury director David Ayer, according to Variety. The reports surrounding this new film say it will definitely be out before 2020, though there obviously isn’t an official release date just yet. At this point, it doesn’t appear there are any actors attached though this could be one of the more attractive comic book films coming in the next few years based on its subject matter.

Suicide Squad is a relatively new creation from DC comics in its current iteration. The group is made up some of the DC Universe’s most dangerous villains who have struck a deal with the U.S. government to serve as a roving band of assassins. Suicide Squad operates out of the Belle Reve Penitentiary and is overseen by Dr. Amanda Waller, who is the prison’s psychologist.

The previous versions of this group had been a bit more clean cut and wholesome, but the collection of villains is quite a bit more interesting to Warner Bros and will likely be quite a bit more interesting to the moving going public. When it comes to movies like Suicide Squad, there is always a worry from the studios that the lack of well known heroes will make a film a hard sell. With evildoers like Harley Quinn, Black Manta, Dead Shot, Death Stroke, and the Joker’s daughter, there was concern no one would see a flick centered around these characters.

It seems likely the success of Guardians of the Galaxy have proven lesser known main characters can still bring plenty of interest as long as the film is marketed well and is actually worth watching. As Screen Rant points out, David Ayer is well versed in making crime dramas and could be well suited to turn Suicide Squad away from potentially goofy plotlines into something grittier and more interesting.

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