The Fappening Strikes Again: Vanessa Hudgens Latest Celebrity To Have Pics Leak

The fallout from “The Fappening” is still ongoing, as Saturday saw the release of nude pictures of singer-actress Vanessa Hudgens. The High School Musical actress’ private pics hit the web alongside nude shots of Leelee Sobieski, Lake Bell, and others.

The new Vanessa Hudgens pics appear to be the latest in what was dubbed online “The Fappening.” The massive privacy breach initially saw pics personal pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco, Kate Upton, and others leaking in August of this year. The massive collection of celebrity nudes has come in waves; Lawrence and Cuoco were among the first revealed, with soul singer Jill Scott showing up later.

The images, presumed to have been acquired through brute force hacks on specific celebrity cloud accounts, circulated on underground internet sites for months before they broke through to the mainstream.

The new images certainly appear to be Hudgens, though neither Vanessa nor any of Hudgens’ representatives have released a statement on the matter. Hudgens was involved in a nude photo scandal back in 2007, as MTV News notes, and the actress apologized for posing for nude pictures.

Hudgens broke through to mainstream success in the High School Musical trilogy, and has been a mainstay in celebrity news since. Vanessa has had multiple songs make it to the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, and she appeared in both Spring Breakers and Machete Kills.

vanessa hudgens screenshot
Vanessa Hudgens’ nude shots have leaked to the internet, and Twitter is going wild over them.

Alongside Vanessa Hudgens’ new personal pictures, nude images of Kim Kardashian have also hit the web. Images of Lake Bell, Hope Solo, and Leelee Sobieski have also been released.

The emergence of Hudgens’ pics will likely reignite the debate over the boundaries of celebrity privacy in the digital age. Even though many have decried the violation of privacy Hudgens and other celebrities have endured, there are those that believe the stars had it coming. American Idol star and current congressional candidate Clay Aiken raised eyebrows recently when he was quoted by as saying that stars who took nude pictures of themselves “got what they deserved.” Still, others have expressed similar sentiments, saying that the best way to ensure that one’s nude pictures don’t wind up on the internet is to not take nude pictures.

The celebrity picture leak of which Hudgens is just the latest has also given rise to increased concern over the security of data left in the cloud. The hack that accessed Hudgens’ and others pictures targeted Apple’s iCloud service and other cloud services. The FBI and Apple are investigating the matter, and Apple has introduced dual-factor authorization to increase security for its iCloud service.

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