Spoilers For ‘Big Brother 16’: Derrick Levasseur Seemingly Reveals His Plans

The first two rounds of the final Head of Household competition on Big Brother 16 are done, and now everybody waits for the live finale airing on September 24. Derrick Levasseur has had a firm control over this game throughout the season, but many have been uncertain what he would do if it came down to a choice of taking Cody Calafiore or Victoria Rafaeli to the finals with him. Have Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds revealed his plan?

Big Brother spoilers indicate that Derrick beat Victoria in Round 2 of the HOH competition Friday night. That means that Derrick and Cody will face off in the final round during Wednesday’s finale. Victoria was extremely upset by the loss, and she was seeing crying on the live feeds quite a bit. Losing that competition seemingly isn’t the only thing making her upset.

As Big Brother Network notes, Victoria and Derrick talked into the wee hours of Saturday morning, and Levasseur seems to be working on easing Rafaeli to a place where she will realize she’s not headed to the final two. Big Brother spoilers indicate that he told her that he thinks of both Cody and Victoria as younger siblings. She’s realizing that he’s laying the groundwork that it would be tough for him to decide which one to keep if he wins HOH. Until now, she definitely thought he would keep her.

Jokers Update shared the full Big Brother spoiler-filled discussion details, and Derrick is still telling Victoria that he can’t say which way he’s leaning, and he points out that he may not be the one deciding. She says she feels defeated, and all this time she thought she had a deal with Derrick. She says that if he chooses Cody, she will look stupid.

Big Brother spoilers indicate that Derrick kept talking about how he cares about their friendship outside the game more than what happens with the game in the house, and he says she’s rushing to judgment about the final two. She adds that she doesn’t want to be surprised, and he points out that they still have four days to sort through all of this. He adds that she has had a couple of drinks, and maybe this is a discussion for another time.

After that lengthy discussion with Victoria, Derrick and Cody discussed things briefly. Derrick indicated that he will have to let Victoria know he’s not taking her to the end. He also said he doesn’t know why she would think he would have kept her. Of course, Big Brother spoiler and live feed fans know that Derrick absolutely led her to believe she would be sitting next to him, but Cody doesn’t know that. Cody and Derrick have both been counting jury votes, and it may be a battle if they do go against one another.

At this point, it seems certain that Cody will stick with the Hitmen alliance and keep Derrick, and it is looking like Derrick will indeed keep Cody. Derrick does seem to be paving the way to cutting Victoria loose if he does end up winning HOH. The question is, of course, how hard will he play to try to win that HOH?

Will Derrick hold back and let Cody win HOH, knowing Cody will keep him? Or does he play hard to control the choice and have that feather in his cap for the jury as he angles for votes? Levasseur is playing for the top prize, not second place, and this may not be the time to let someone else have any of the control.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the finale draws near. At this point Big Brother spoilers would certainly make it look as if this will be a Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore final two unless something takes a sharp turn over the next few days. Will the Big Brother 16 jury hand the $500,000 to Derrick as many expect, or could Cody win this one?

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