Jameis Winston’s Comments Will Cost Him A Whole Game

Jameis Winston’s comments cost him more than he thought.

Fox Sports revealed that, last night, Florida State interim President Garnett S. Stokes and athletic director Stan Wilcox announced Winston would indeed sit out the entire game against Clemson this Saturday night. Florida State administrators have investigated further into the issue that occurred on Tuesday night. According to what they have found, Winston yelled a comment derived from a meme online, which was a lascivious comment towards the female anatomy.

What was in question was whether he stood up to shout this, or did he get on a table to shout it. Due to the inconsistencies in Winston’s statements to Stokes and Wilcox, both felt the full-game suspension was warranted. Originally, he was to be suspended for only the first half.

The university had come under scrutiny for the discipline, with many people feeling it was too lenient. In a joint statement, Stokes and Wilcox did say that, as well as the suspension, Winston would face internal discipline, which was not announced.

When asked if it’s normal for the president and athletic director to be involved in such disciplinary decisions, Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher would not comment.

The 20-year-old Winston addressed his inappropriate comments before Wednesday’s practice at his weekly press conference, saying, “I have to tone it down.”

CBS Sports is reporting that Florida State, with this punishment, are tiring of Winston’s off-field antics. While pitching for the Florida State baseball team, Winston acknowledged he took $32 of crab legs from a local store. Winston was suspended three games and performed 20 hours of community service. Before the football season, Winston stated he had matured, learned to be a leader, and live his personal life carefully.

The extension of the suspension tends to show that the university want him to live up to those words.

Replacing Winston tonight is redshirt sophomore Sean McGuire, who was originally third string until Jacob Coker was injured in 2013, then transferred to Alabama.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a distraction, maybe at the time,” Maguire said Thursday about the incident. “Maybe for the first little bit, but once the news came out, practiced happened yesterday. It makes me more confident knowing I get to go out there and play quarterback like we do in practice, like we do every day. I’m just looking forward to it, that’s all I can say.”

Florida States plays Clemson today at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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