Detective Solves Why The Kids He Teaches Went M.I.A. — And He’s Had Enough! [Video]

The Inquisitr previously brought you some amazing stories that pulled at your heartstrings. Such stories include a mother’s dying wish to have her nurse take care of her son after she passed, a boy showing an act of kindness by giving his chicken sandwich to a fellow classmate who had a poor lunch, and a group of cheerleaders standing up for their right to pray. All were wonderful stories of faith, love, and morality, despite what the outcome may have been.

This story is the same, but it comes from a hardened Pittsburgh police detective who volunteers at a local center teaching underprivileged kids how to box. When two kids he cared about went M.I.A., he used his detective skills to find them. What he learned in the process pushed him to take action simply because he’d had enough.

According to a special report by CBS and reported by The Blaze, Jack Mook is a hard-nosed 22-year veteran of the Pittsburgh Police Department. He lived the happy life of a bachelor. He is also reported to be a man’s man who never shows his sensitive side to anyone. During his downtime, Mook volunteers at a local center to teach underprivileged kids how to box.

“Mostly kids who come into this gym are street kids. Many of them have been born into poverty.”

It is there that he met 11-year-old Jesse and his older brother, 15-year-old Josh. Jack Mook took them under his wing and bonded with them. When they stopped showing up, he discovered that the boys were living in squalid conditions in a foster home, where they were neglected and abused. Josh looked the worse for wear, and was frequently seen with bags under his eyes, as stated by Mook.

“They have had it as worse as any other kid who has lived in the city of Pittsburgh, and that just… I had enough of it.”

With some quick moves and favors called in, Jack Mook had the boys transferred to a new home: his. Despite having to change his bachelor lifestyle, he says it is the best thing he ever did in his life… until two years later when he made it official when he adopted them. From now on, the two kids are officially Mooks, and they couldn’t be happier. The same goes for Jack Mook, who started out as a happy man’s man and become a happy family man.

[Image via screenshot of CBS Special Report on Youtube]

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