Pineapple Mystery In ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Solved

How I Met Your Mother fans have been puzzling over the “pineapple mystery,” which began in Season 1 during the tenth episode. It’s been a running gag since that point, often being brought up with innuendo about what the pineapple may have been used for.

In the tenth episode of Season 1, Ted wakes up after a drunken night and finds himself in bed with a beautiful woman and a pineapple on the nightstand. He has no memory of the night before and no idea how either got there. Soon after, of course, the woman was explained. The pineapple mystery, however, was not.

For several episodes thereafter, Ted is seen obsessing over the incident as he tries to solve the pineapple mystery. He finally gave up midway through the final season without explanation. Until now. The Huffington Post can’t believe they had to wait nine years to find out the answer. Some might wonder why they would.

Pineapple Mystery begins

The mystery was originally solved later in the season, as the pineapple mystery continued through How I Met Your Mother television episodes. That portion of the “Daisy” episode, which contained the resolution for the pineapple mystery, however, was cut. Speculation is that it was cut in order to entice viewers to buy the Complete Series DVD set that releases later this month, which includes the cut scene and other bonus items from How I Met Your Mother. Most of the show’s running mysteries and gags were explained in this last season as the show itself wrapped for good. Leaving out this one may have been intentional, but was more likely a cutting room oversight.

Before it hit the DVD shelf, however, the clip was outed by BuzzFeed, which is exclusively showing the scene wherein The Captain explains what happened after learning the details about Ted and Lily. As it turns out, the pineapple mystery was simple: Ted stole the pineapple from The Captain’s front porch on that fateful night. The short one-minute explanation scene was removed but will appear on the How I Met Your Mother DVD set releasing on September 23. Mystery solved!

Now if only someone would explain why Disney princesses don’t have mothers.

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