Ellen DeGeneres’ Busy Week: Dax Shepard’s Brad Pitt Passion, Naked Pranks, And Vegan Pizza [Video]

Ellen DeGeneres had a busy week. She pranked actor Jason Segel with a naked man, helped her famous Oscar night pizza guy extend his 15 minutes of fame, and, oh, yes, had a pleasant chat with Dax Shepard about why/how/if/when he’s having a secret affair with Brad Pitt. And if you’re thinking that the last part must be based on pure imagination (sort of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), then read on for the surprising revelations that Ellen DeGeneres managed to elicit from Dax, according to The Wrap on September 19.

Dax explained that he loves his wife and has no intention of leaving her. But he went off on a riff to a grinning Ellen DeGeneres about his secret dreams of an affair with the alluring Brad Pitt.

“If I had to step outside the confines of my marital bond, he would probably be the best guy to do it with because he has a lot to lose. It seems safe,” mused Dax.

Acting perplexed, Ellen DeGeneres asked Dax to clarify just one issue.

“Let’s be clear, you’re not gay, right?” said the smiling talk show host.

Dax sighed and admitted that he is both married and a soon-to-be father of two. And, oh yes, there’s that little matter of Brad’s recent marriage to Angelina Jolie, which the actor says he treated as a wake-up call to reality.

“But really my first thought was, he is really off the market now. My second thought was, I am also off the market — we’re both married. We have a lot to lose,” admitted Dax to Ellen DeGeneres.

Although Dax managed to escape the comedienne’s love for pranks, actor Jason Segel wasn’t so lucky. As E News reported on September 18, Ellen DeGeneres tweeted her plan.

@JasonSegel has been naked on camera a lot. So, when he was here, I decided to scare the pants off him.

And while Jason did keep his pants on, the actor admitted that Ellen DeGeneres had done it again. He jumped with shock when a Spanx-covered man (who really did look nude) appeared almost in his face.

“Let me tell you something,” said Segel. “That was 100 percent genuine reaction on my part. I’m so jittery. That was a terrible thing to do, Ellen.”

Although the prank might not have ranked up there in good deeds, Ellen DeGeneres did earn some good karma by helping the now-famous pizza delivery guy concoct a tasty future.

Edgar Martirosyan found himself onstage bringing pizza to Ellen DeGeneres and a cast of celebrities at the 2014 Oscars. He used the publicity to open his own restaurant with his brother, Erik, which features (of course) a pizza named after Ellen DeGeneres, reported People magazine on September 19.

Because Ellen is a vegan, Edgar carefully honored her diet guidelines.

“Working with Ellen is always a pleasure and we always love to get her feedback. She has been so great and supportive, so it only makes sense that we name our top vegan pizza after her,” said Erik.

As The Inquisitr reported, Ellen DeGeneres recently enhanced her healthy lifestyle. In addition to following a vegan diet, she stopped drinking.

[Image Via The Ellen DeGeneres Show]

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