Next Ariana Grande? 2-Year-Old Becomes World’s Cutest Diva When Mom Chuckles During ‘Let It Go’

You may have heard about pop singer Ariana Grande and her reputation for outrageous, diva behavior. Some of her alleged antics are hard to top, but we think we’ve got a diva who beats them all — and she’s only 3 years old.

Meet Skye Gracey, a toddler from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who not only loves to sing and loves music in general, she really, really loves Frozen. And of course, like many little girls who’ve fallen in love with the animated Disney instant classic, she knows the words to the movie’s big song, “Let It Go,” by heart.

In this video, posted by her dad Mark and actually filmed two months ago when Skye was still just 2 years old, watch what happens when Skye, decked out in her prettiest “Elsa” dress, delivers a performance of the hit song — or tries to — in her family’s living room.

Unfortunately, Skye is a tad too cute for her own good, because no sooner does she start the song that her mom — overcome by her little daughter’s charms — chuckles at the earnestness of the toddler’s “Let It Go” rendition.

That sends little Skye off on a serious diva fit — and sent this video into the viral stratosphere. Since Mark Gracey posted the clip on YouTube on September 11, the video is closing in on 1 million views.

“I’m warning you,” Skye tells her mother. “You’re being a very rude girl.”

All mom can say is, “I’m so sorry.”

Needless to say, the video received quite a reaction from viewers, not all of whom saw Skye’s behavior as cute. But the parents aren’t worried. They even made a second video explaining the whole situation.

“Generally she’s a very, very good girl,” says her dad in the second video. “She’s very polite and mannered.”

But Skye obviously takes her music extremely seriously. Unlike Ariana Grande, whose diva act seems mainly driven by an out-of-control ego, Skye was clearly just defending her artistic integrity.

Check out Skye’s Ariana Grande diva act, above. And see the Gracey family’s second video, discussing the viral sensation, at this link.

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