Meet Svitlana Sangary, The Attorney Who Knew Celebrities Thanks To Photoshop

Svitlana Sangary is a civil attorney in the Los Angeles, California, area who, like many in Hollywood, knows that it’s often more about about who you know rather than what you know. In Hollywood, at least when it comes to advertising, of course, “who you know” means celebrities. For Svitlana Sangary, life in this regard seemed to be pretty good, as her website showcases her with the likes of George Clooney, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Anne Hathaway, and many others.


According to TMZ, Svitlana Sangary was outed by some of these Hollywood A-listers when it was discovered that she was using her photos as advertising on her professional website. The problem? Most of the photos, while seemingly authentic, are not. It would seem that this attorney by day is also a Photoshop master by night.

The California State Bar was not as impressed with the alternative skillset of Svitlana Sangary, however, and has put her up for review. Complaints from some of those who appear in the faked photos with Svitlana caused the Bar to look more closely at Sangary’s practice. The Photoshopping lawyer now faces a six-month suspension.

“Users call her ‘scum’ and an ‘unethical crook.'”

So quotes TMZ from Svitlana Sangary’s Yelp profile. Some may question this point, of course, given that she is an attorney, and some might say that those terms are, in fact, the secondary definitions for the profession in the dictionary.


The Daily Mail says that the California Bar is counting 50 celebrity Photoshop jobs by Svitlana Sangary, which include charges of deceptive advertising. The six-month suspension would be followed by a three-year probation period. The Daily Mail also quotes State Bar Court Judge Donald F. Miles when he says that the photos “were created by taking original celebrity photos and then overlaying (Sangary’s) image in order to make it appear as though” Svitlana was with the celebrity.

The lawyer was confronted with this potential problem two years ago, the Bar says. At that time, Svitlana Sangary seemed to pay little heed and, as of now, the photos are still on her website. As of yet, no Republicans have noted that nearly all of the political figures Photoshopped in with Svitlana Sangary are Democrats.

[Photo collage from Svitlana Sangary’s website courtesy of TMZ.]

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