‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 Teaser Released

The Walking Dead returns to television October 12, debuting it’s fifth season. The hit show has pulled in a wide audience, even attracting viewers who wouldn’t usually watch zombie movies or shows, with its engaging cast of characters and story lines that transcend the horror plot. Walking Dead isn’t just a show about shooting people who are already dead. It follows intricate interpersonal relationships between families, friends, and enemies, all struggling to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world.

On Friday, September 19, the following teaser video was released to garner attention for Season 5 of The Walking Dead.

The teaser hints at what fans have been waiting to learn since the end of Season 4: how (or if) Daryl, Rick, Carl, Michonne, and the rest of the core group will escape from Terminus. The group believed this community would bring new hope for a larger gathering, safety, and peace, though instead it found the Walking Dead crew being shot at and finally herded into a dark shipping container. In the teaser, the group is no longer in the shipping container, which is hopeful, but they also seem to be inside a warehouse.

The Walking Dead teaser is titled “Hunted,” and there’s already speculation about what that means. Are the core Walking Dead cast (Rick’s group) members the ones hunting, or being hunted?

Last season, Comic Book discussed what Terminus might be, comparing the show to scenes from the graphic novel series on which The Walking Dead is based. The general speculation was that Terminus might be manned by cannibals, based on the “Fear the Hunters” episode in the Walking Dead graphic novels.

The group in that storyline was called “the hunters,” and Wet Paint points out that there have been numerous vague references to cannibalism in the series already.

Does all that point to the Walking Dead’s core cast being the ones hunted? The teaser definitely appears to depict the crew in defensive postures.

There have also been hints that the new season might boast a pregnancy for Maggie, and maybe the first undead baby in the series. Lauren Cohan discussed the rumors, but was vague, only saying that the television series doesn’t exactly follow the story line in the comics, and that fans can’t expect everything from the comics to occur in the Walking Dead show. Still, she also hinted at big changes for all the characters, leaving fans to speculate (and hope?)

Season 5 of The Walking Dead premieres Saturday, October 11, on AMC.

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