Kate Middleton Pregnant: Is Duchess Kate’s Morning Sickness Bad Because She’s Expecting Twins?

Is Kate Middleton expecting twins? Some sources suggest the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge’s morning sickness may be a sign that she is with children this time around.

As if the news that Will and Kate are expecting their second child together isn’t good enough, rumors are running rampant that Middleton has two buns, hun — in the oven, that is. Twins would swell the family to five-strong, should the gossip pan out.

According to the folks at SugarScape, unnamed sources claim the Duke and Duchess Kate are going through the rigors of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a fancy medical term for a severe case of morning sickness, according to Pregnancy About Health.

Typically, expecting moms suffer mild effects during pregnancy (vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetite). However, in extreme cases, as with Kate Middleton, there can be a loss of body weight as much as 5 percent. This in part explains why the duchess has allegedly dropped down to 91 pounds since being hospitalized.

At this time, the cause of HG is unknown, but is thought to be due to hormonal imbalances. It is worth noting that women who are admitted to a hospital for severe cases typically give birth to girls. However, it appears Kate was in the camp that defied statistics with her giving birth to a son in her first pregnancy.

BabyCentre says that women diagnosed with the miserable condition, which usually resolves at 16 weeks of pregnancy, often give birth to multiples. The biological explanation has something to do with a particular hormone (HCG), which, at higher levels, indicates the possibility of twins being born. Nevertheless, merely having HG doesn’t mean a mommy-to-be will deliver more than one baby.

There has been no official word out of Buckingham or St. James Palaces that Kate Middleton is pregnant with twins. However, a large portion of the latest news can be attributed to bookmakers. For instance, a spokesperson with Coral says gamblers are waging large sums of money that there will be two royal babies delivered by Duchess Kate.

However, if history is any factor in this at all, the odds are very low that their firstborn, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, will be a big brother to multiple siblings soon. Not since the 15th century have twins been born in the British Monarchy.

With Kate Middleton pregnant — possibly with twins — and monitored for her recurring pregnancy ailments, she’s canceled her solo trip to Malta and backed out of other engagements.

Here’s a consolation prize: With the Duchess about 10 weeks along since conception, her due date is rumored to be this coming April.

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