Nikki Ferrell Quits Twitter After Backlash From ‘Couples Therapy’

Nikki Ferrell is struggling to keep herself sane these days. With the recent premiere of Couples Therapy, Ferrell isn’t too pleased that people are turning on her. While filming The Bachelor with Juan Pablo, he was labeled as the villain because he didn’t propose at the end and didn’t want to share his feelings for her with the world. But on Couples Therapy, Nikki has been accused of being snobby and ungrateful.

In the preview for the season, Nikki Ferrell was caught being disrespectful to the producers and to the therapy session. Immediately, she was labeled the villain. In response, she decided to quit the social media world. Nikki wanted to see who would say things to her face, instead of hiding behind a computer.

According to a new Entertainment Wise report, Nikki Ferrell decided to delete her Twitter account to delete the hate she is getting from viewers around the world. And it was Juan Pablo who decided to share her news with the world.

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