Katie Holmes: ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Reunion In The Works?

Katie Holmes is trying them all. Having made a name for herself in front of the camera, the Giver star is making her directorial debut as she takes on the director’s chair for the upcoming movie All We Had, where she also plays the lead character. Holmes is also co-starring with Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds on Woman in Gold, a film based on the true story of a woman seeking revenge for what happened to her family during World War 2.

Needless to say, Katie is a very busy lady. However, despite projects piling up on her desk by the day, Holmes is still reportedly hoping to get back to her roots — playing Joey Potter on the hit 90s drama Dawson’s Creek. In an exclusive interview with Gossip Cop, Katie Holmes says she still finds requests to reprise her iconic role “hugely flattering.” Speaking on the show’s impact on its fans — most of whom are no longer teenagers — Katie says Dawson touched a “whole generation.”

“It was innocent at a time when innocence was very valued and present. But it had that teen angst that really revealed what everybody was going through.”

When asked why fans are still desperate for a Creek reunion, Katie Holmes says it may all have something to do with the audience’s nostalgic feelings for the show.

“Maybe we all want to feel those feelings again. I don’t know. Maybe that’s why they want a reunion.”

Fans were delighted to learn about Katie’s attitude towards a show reunion. Unlike Friends cast Jennifer Aniston and the rest of the gang — all of whom seem adamant NOT to reunite (except for a very recent Jimmy Kimmel skit that was critically panned, even by loyal fans) — Katie Holmes appears to be all in for a reunion, and at first glance, her statements actually seem to be hinting at something. Is a Dawson’s Creek 2.0 already in the works?

Sadly, The short answer to that would be a depressing little “no.” Despite Holmes’ enthusiasm for a show reunion, there hasn’t been any official confirmation for a get-together, either from Sony or the show creators. James Van Der Beek, who played the titular character, said in a January interview with Glamour that a show reunion isn’t in the works.

“No-one wants to insult the fans or take away anything. But the truth is, it’s not in the works.”

According to the Daily Mail, Katie Holmes is currently shooting a commercial in New York City.

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