Tamra Barney Judge: Ex Claims She Makes $600K Per Year, Custody Battle Rages On

Tamra Barney Judge is still in a heated custody battle with her ex-husband, Simon Barney. The Real Housewives Of Orange County star is being ripped apart by Simon, who is trying to “prove” that she isn’t a fit mother for the couple’s children, Spencer, 14, and Sophia, 8. According to Radar Online, Tamra was forced to file financial documents with the court — and that information could help a judge come to a decision in the custody case.

“Barney filed extensive financial documents as part of his ongoing custody battle with his reality star ex. According to him, he makes $120,000 per year before taxes as a sales consultant, and his ex-wife rakes in roughly $50,000 per month.”

Tamra Barney Judge’s relationship (or lack thereof) with her daughter, Sidney, 15, has been brought up by Simon, who is trying to use Sidney’s feelings about her mom to work in his favor. Simon even went so far as filing text messages between Tamra and Sidney, to show their “explosive relationship,” and to try and prove that Tamra should not have full custody of any of the couple’s children. The court responded to that filing with an order, sending Tamra and Sidney to therapy together — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for either of them.

“The court orders and appoints Lindy Grossman as a reunification therapist for [Tamra] and [Sidney]… Both parties shall ensure that Sidney is available for this therapy and both parties shall cooperate with Ms. Grossman and follow any and all directives she has for purposes of facilitating this reunification therapy.”

Tamra Barney Judge and Simon Barney will be in court in October to battle this out. In the meantime, Simon continuously delivers blows to his ex, in hopes of setting things up in his favor before the trial even starts. Most recently, Simon accused Tamra of inviting the press to a hearing. According to WetPaint, Simon took to Twitter to diss Tamra — once again — last weekend.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tamra has been having a tough time dealing with Simon. There is even word that she might be fired from The Real Housewives Of Orange County because she showed a different, unlikable side last season (likely because she was sidetracked with other personal issues).

Do you think Simon Barney is stirring up drama for no reason? Do you think Tamra will lose custody of his kids?

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