Shia LaBeouf Is Albert Einstein? One Woman Thinks So

Shia LaBeouf isn’t exactly the most popular actor in Hollywood at the moment. After a string of plagiarism accusations that turned out to be pretty true, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone in Hollywood who would still call him a genius — that is except for one woman who thinks he’s Albert Einstein himself.

LaBeouf has now successfully taken out a restraining order against a woman who entered his property at least three times with the intention of stalking the actor. “Desperately seeking Einstein” was found in Shia’s driveway in August nonchalantly munching on watermelon. When LaBeouf asked her to leave, the woman became agitated and screamed the deranged compliment that Shia was actually Albert himself, according to The Daily Mail.

“I am going to blow up your house! I am going to blow up the world! You are Albert Einstein and we belong together.”

Apart from claiming LaBeouf was Einstein, the woman has also showed up on his property claiming that pair were once best friends in a past life, though she didn’t say if she knew him as Albert. Once, she showed up with an infant. Shia decided he was finally fed-up with the woman and contacted the authorities through a 911 call released by TMZ.

“I have a person in my house that has been stalking me for three weeks now… she’s been showing up randomly… I have no idea who this person is…”

In the background of the exchange with the 911 operator, LaBeouf can be heard yelling, “Don’t touch me!” at the woman. Apparently, she doesn’t have too much respect for the words of Einstein. Police took the woman into custody where she was given a 45-day sentence for stalking the actor, but she was released four days later.

There’s a grand hint of irony to the story of this stalker thinking Shia is Albert. LaBeouf himself has been lambasted by the media and his former fan base in the past year for almost diva-like behavior that the self-branded genius has become known for. In reality, it seems only crazed stalkers are still equating him with Einstein.

In Shia’s defense, he has recently admitted to have an alcohol addiction that he is trying to get under control. Some of his most outrageous actions — like punching Alan Cumming in the face during a Cabaret performance — might be explainable by this, though Shia LaBeouf is still no Albert Einstein to trot out cliché performance art like his “I’m Not Famous Anymore” paper-bag mask on the red carpet.

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