Prince Harry Headed to Vegas During Upcoming US Trip?

Prince Harry- younger brother of the recently wed Prince William- is headed out to the states for some military training.

Harry will be spending some time out in Arizona and California for two “intense” months of training on an Apache copter. The enhanced training will take place at Gila Bend Auxiliary Air Field in Arizona and is described as “supplemental, advanced” skill-sharpening for the Apache helicopter.

So while Harry trains, of course, speculation has centered not around his safety or prowess on the copter, but rather whether or not the young royal will head out to Las Vegas for some high-octane R&R during his visit to the States. CBS royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter says the selection of Vegas for time off during training is the done thing, and Harry may well get his “what happens in” vibe on:

“Harry is committed to completing his training, but it has become something of a tradition for pilots in the program to take a half-way break to Vegas,” she said. “We know Harry loves to party. … Whether he goes remains to be seen, but I’m sure over the eight weeks, we’re going to see Harry’s fun side creep out.”

However, CBS News military analyst Ret. Army Col. Jeff McCausland countered with the point that Harry’s not in the US to gamble, table-dance or party with strippers and that the royal will likely be focusing on his work while he completes the training:

“This will be done under, as best simulated combat situations as can occur, where he’ll be flying in concert with other helicopters and he’ll be responding to simulated calls for fire from ground troops, who would be engaged with the enemy and requiring air support… It’s to give him the maximum, real-life combat experience as he might well encounter when he would go to Afghanistan.”

The site indicates that when the training is complete, Harry could be deployed to Afghanistan again- and notes that he would prefer to put his knowledge to use. The final decision will be left in the hands of the British Prime Minister.

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