Ryan Gosling ‘Madly In Love’ With Daughter

Life is good for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. Not only are the two new parents to their baby daughter, but they were also able to keep the pregnancy under wraps for months. In this day and age, that’s a huge feat, given how much attention is put on celebrity couples.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that new mom Eva Mendes is happy about being a mother, especially to Gosling’s child, but what about the Drive star? Well, according to People Magazine, he’s over the moon too.

An insider close to the couple said that Ryan is “madly in love with the baby.”

The baby isn’t only being spoiled by Gosling, 33, and Mendes, 40, but both grandmas are on hand to help the new parents with their daughter.

“Both [Ryan and Eva’s] moms were at the hospital. Ryan’s mom and Eva’s mom have both been helping. They have both been great. The grandmothers are both very excited and both very hands-on –as much as they can be.”

Just a few hours ago, Ryan Gosling’s mother and sister were photographed visiting with the new baby.

The couple, who were reported to be in tears right after the birth, are thrilled.

“She and Ryan are just in awe of this beautiful person they created. It’s a really special time for them.”

People Magazine isn’t the only outlet to get the Gosling baby scoop. According to E! Online, Mendes has been waiting for this moment for years.

“She’s so good with kids and has been wanting this a really long time. When she found out she was having a girl, she was freaking out. She kind of wanted a girl deep down, but of course just wants a happy and healthy baby!”

As for who baby Gosling looks like, it’s reported that their child looks more like Eva Mendes than Ryan Gosling, but really, this kid won the genetics jackpot with these two as parents. Despite that creepy genetic drawing that was floating around a few months ago, we’re sure she’s a beauty.

So far we don’t know what Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling named their bundle of joy, but for now “baby Gosling” suits her just fine.

[Image via Focus Features]

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