Mariah Carey News: Singer Not Therapy-Bound After All Post Nick Cannon Split?

Apparently, Mariah Carey is not headed to therapy over her split and rumored divorce from Nick Cannon. Instead, she’s going Down Under after wading across the water.

Since news surfaced about Mariah possibly having a nervous breakdown and turning to mental health intervention to ward off the pains of splitting from her husband, a source close to the Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse singer insists she’s in a better place and is focused on her music.

Mariah Carey’s rep recently told Hollywood Life sources that Mimi is not stressing and focusing on her marital crisis as tabloids suggest. On the contrary, she’s found solace in what she does best — music. Instead of going off to rehab and spilling her heart out on a shrink’s sofa, Nick’s estranged wife is gearing up for a world tour, beginning overseas in Asia. There, Carey will play on 12 exclusive dates, including her first visit ever to China’s mainland.

“Mariah is rehearsing for her Asian tour as she is leaving next week.”

Carey, mom of 3-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, will have “Dem babies” in tow to keep her company while she tours the globe promoting her 14th studio album. The project promises to be a mix of something old and something new.

“I want to experience the spontaneity and emotion that I put into this album on stage with my fans. I can’t stop.”

Mariah Carey has indeed proven her critics wrong about how she is weathering the shocking split from her husband of six years. But it’s not that odd, because many couples bury themselves in work or a hobby in order to cope with the sudden thought of divorce.

Mariah Carey
Mariah released new music earlier this year.

Carey is no different, and with a growing list of concert stops lined up, Mariah likely won’t have time to sulk. But that’s what butterflies do.

As the best-selling international artist of all-time, Mariah Carey is sure to get a lot of love from her overseas fans. And Australia better prepare for the The Elusive Chanteuse Show, because she is showing Aussies a lot of love. According to Mariah’s official site, launched in July, the woman with the pipes of gold has six shows lined up Down Under.

Meanwhile, Mariah’s estranged husband is supposedly not coping well. Nick was seen looking very dejected at the AGT finale this year, according to another HL source.

“Nick Cannon looked deeply sad at the finale. He’s such a pro and did a great job staying upbeat during his shots and interacting with the audience, but when camera wasn’t on him, he looked like a sad puppy dog. You could definitely tell he had other things on his mind. He looked like you would when you’re heartbroken — trying to get through the day and keeping on a brave face, but down inside.”

It’s ironic Carey and Cannon pressed the pause button so suddenly. Just in April, they said “I do” again and renewed their vows, something they’ve done since first walking down the aisle. On the day of another milestone, the America’s Got Talent host took to Twitter and spread the good news and assured the public their vows were still in place.

“Wow I am the luckiest and most blessed man on the planet! Today is my 6th anniversary of being married.”

However, just months later, it all came crumbling down when word got out Nick and Mariah had split and were on the verge of divorce. No reason was given, but Carey’s hubby quickly dispelled rumors of infidelity. Still, that didn’t sit well with fans and tabloids who continue sowing gossip and theories about the sudden change of heart.

It’s good to hear Mariah Carey is not rehab-bound at this point, and that she’s found respite in her music. And like real butterflies, it’s not unusual to see her continuing on the path of reinvention. Hopefully, the journey ahead for this chanteuse is uneventful.

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