Josh Flagg On Ryan Serhant: ‘Ryan May Be Good In NYC But He’s In My Territory’

Josh Flagg may show off his selling skills on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, the original show in the franchise, but it is interesting for fans when two shows overlap. This week, Ryan Serhant from Million Dollar Listing: New York decided to drop by Los Angeles to put his best foot forward for his client.

But Flagg didn’t seem too rattled by Serhant’s forward approach. Ryan is known for being very aggressive when it comes to getting a deal done, but Flagg is much more relaxed. And since Flagg has often dealt with the super aggressive Josh Altman, Josh could see straight through the strategy.

According to a new Bravo report, Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles star Josh Flagg claims that he does know his territory best, which is why he wasn’t rattled by Serhant’s behavior. Ryan tried to act like he wasn’t interested in the property, but Josh claims he could see right through his act.

“The ‘bird streets’ are one of the hottest areas in LA right now, and I knew that Sam and Ryan’s client was going to come up, because he was smart enough to recognize what an amazing house he could build there,” Josh Flagg reveals about the property that Ryan wanted.

“Now I know Ryan is successful in the NYC market, but he was on my territory, and I know what I’m doing. He acted like he wasn’t interested, but I can see straight through that. Glad he finally came to his senses and we made a deal. Who doesn’t love a two million dollar profit?” Josh adds, revealing that the two agents agreed on the right price.

As mentioned above, Josh Flagg is used to aggressive and rude agents. It is no secret that Flagg and Altman are not the best of friends. Since they are both agents in Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Hills, they are competitive rather than friendly. Flagg has often gone after Altman in the press and his blogs.

According to The Inquisitr, this season of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles may end up being an emotional one for Josh. In August, his beloved grandmother, Edith Flagg, passed away at the age of 94. She had filmed the show alongside Josh, giving him advice on closing the deals and getting more listings. She had definitely become a character on the show.

What did you think of Josh Flagg doing a deal with Ryan Serhant on the show?

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