David Guetta Says New Album Is ‘Completely Different’ From His Previous Records

David Guetta has a high hopes for his upcoming album, a project that took him three years to complete. Although he’s not quite sure what people will think of his latest endeavor, one thing is for certain: The DJ is quite excited to share his work with the world.

While Guetta has tons of fans spread all across the globe — he is, after all, the second highest-paid DJ on the entire planet — he’s not taking anything for granted. His songs may sell like hotcakes on iTunes and rack up impressive views on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean people will openly embrace what he recently put together in the studio.

David recently sat down for a conversation with the boys and girls at Billboard, an interview that found Guetta defending EDM as a whole. Apparently some people believe the genre itself has grown stagnant, a fact that clearly rubbed the DJ the wrong way.

When the subject turned to his new record, Guetta definitely had a lot to say.

“All I can say is that it’s completely song-based. There are featured artists of course, but none that you’d expect with me, and really it’s just completely different from anything I’ve done before. That’s why it has taken almost three years. It’s just different. Like I have this record ‘Lovers on the Sun’ that’s out right now and it’s doing amazing, but it’s still comparable to other records I’ve done. This next album has tracks I couldn’t compare to any other record.”

According to Your EDM, David Guetta is a little nervous about releasing his new album. Although it’s probably safe to say that his fans will gladly accept just about anything he’s willing to boldly stuff inside their ears — besides maybe a folk/rock or metal record — Guetta simply can’t keep his nerves from jangling.

He also reiterated how the album is a definite shift from his previous endeavors.

“Honestly, I’m a little bit scared. It’s completely different from anything I’ve done before…. I just wanted to push myself to the max, and then play it to others. I know I can make beats that make people dance, so now the challenge is to create the best possible music and songs that are timeless.”

David Guetta stopped short of revealing when his new album will hit retail shelves. When the DJ finally gets around to handing out a release date, The Inquisitr will let you know. Do you plan to pick up a copy of the DJ’s upcoming record?

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