Excuse me but you have a text message from your car’s parking meter

Isn’t technology wonderful?

We do so many incredible and world changing things with it. Lives can be forever changed as newer and newer technology comes along. Then like a full face smash into a brick wall we get this.

Ring .. ring .. (your mobile phone) “You have just received a parking ticket. Thank You.”

Yes folks a company by the name of Technolia has developed a system that can detect the presence of vehicles and will alert the police if the said vehicle overstays it’s allotted time in the parking spot.

“We are revolutionising parking with the individual monitoring of spaces,” said Claude Zandona, the company’s managing director.

The meters create magnetic fields capable of registering the metal mass of vehicles. They have a direct computer link to a police station.

Source: Times Online

Already 60 French councils have installed the system around their towns. Under a mechanism adopted by towns such as Issy-les-Moulineaux on the outskirts of Paris, cars are allowed 20 minutes of free parking. Should they commit the heinous crime of overstaying the smart meter sends a message to the police control room. The police can then alert officers via mobile phones that they need to get issuing some tickets.

The company envisions a point with the system where the motorists would get a five minute warning text message and allow the person to pay for additional time with their phone. then if they still don’t pay they would get their fine sent to their homes.

Ain’t technology grand?

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