Cher Is A Racist? Choreographer Claims Black Dancers Rejected – ‘We Have Too Much Color Onstage’

Cher is being sued by her former choreographer for racial discrimination and retaliation.

Based on a newly filed lawsuit, which was obtained by TMZ, choreographer Kevin Wilson was instructed by Cher to not hire any more black dancers while hosting auditions for her 2014 “Dressed to Kill” tour.

According to the claim, Wilson was interested in hiring a particular “minority female dancer” that impressed him with her dancing abilities. However, his request to bring her on-board was rejected by Cher with a short yet controversial statement.

“We have too much color onstage.”

After rejecting the request, the claims within this lawsuit also state that Cher instructed Wilson to “not cast anymore dark skinned black dancers on the tour” but to find white, blonde dancers instead.

The racial discrimination allegations are only the tip of the iceberg, according to the claims within this lawsuit filed by attorney Perry Wander.

Kevin Wilson is also claiming that Cher intentionally covered up sexual allegations involving one of her dancers with a fan while on tour. After Cher performed in Louisville back in June, according to the lawsuit, one of her male dancers invited a fan back to his hotel room and became sexually aggressive with her. Wilson claims that when the situation was brought to her attention, Cher simply covered it up by keeping the male dancer but immediately firing the three people that told her – including Wilson himself.

In order to cover up the firings, the three whistle blowers claimed they were told their terminations were due to budget cuts. It is important to consider, though, that the “Dressed to Kill” tour grossed over $540 million and that each of the costumes that Cher wore (designed by Bob Mackie) cost at least $100.000 each.

When asked for a statement in regards to this lawsuit and allegation of Cher being a racist, her official rep denied it all to TMZ – stating that they were “ridiculous” and “couldn’t be further from the truth.” Cher’s lawyer even went as far as stating that the allegations of racial discrimination involving Cher are “untrue,” “categorically denied” and “absurd.”

This is not the first time that racial allegations against Cher have been publicized and exposed in the media. Paying attention to some of the reactions, responses and other posted messages on Twitter over the past few months shows that.

Recently, Cher publicly stated her own beliefs of Rand Paul being a racist — warning minorities to be aware of him.

However, what do you think about these allegations that have been filed against her? Is Cher a racist or does her former choreographer simply want payback for losing his job?

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