Mother Of Peterson’s Son Outraged That Adrian Peterson Case Photos, Texts Were Illegally Leaked

Adrian Peterson is facing time in court due to what he allegedly did in disciplining his son, and now it seems the mother of Peterson’s son is outraged over how public the situation has become. Photos of the 4-year-old boy’s injuries have been made public, as have texts related to the case, and the boy’s mother is furious about it.

Many have wondered why and how the photos got to the media. According to the Houston Chronicle, a criminal investigation has been initiated to try to determine who leaked the photos of the injuries to Adrian Peterson’s son. It seems that Sports Radio 610, a Houston radio station, originally received what apparently was the complete police case file. Now prosecutors and police say that sharing that information was a crime.

The assistant district attorney in Montgomery County, Phil Grant, does not believe that the leak came from the county. The Houston police have also denied that the leak came from their department. According to CBS Sports, the mother of Peterson’s son is outraged and she has released a statement concerning the fact that the photos have been made public. She feels that it has been an invasion of privacy and nobody had her permission or consent to share them.

The boy’s mother adds that she is hurt that the press would publish pictures of her minor son as well as publish statements that were part of a confidential, private criminal investigation. The publication of the photos and alleged texts have led to an intense outcry against Peterson, who says he was just disciplining his son in the manner he had been disciplined growing up.

As USA Today notes, the unnamed mother of Peterson’s son is outraged over how the media has handled the information leaked and she is asking that those who have published the pictures and statements immediately remove them. The woman’s representative indicated that there would be no further comment at this time.

Peterson was initially benched for one game. When the Minnesota Vikings indicated they would play him in game 3, people became outraged. The Vikings have now reversed their decision and Adrian Peterson has accepted a voluntary suspension as the legal proceedings play out. Many believe this means he will miss the full season, and there are those who suspect Peterson will never play another game for the Vikings.

Many will be interested to see if authorities can uncover where the leak came from, as there should be serious consequences for those involved. Adrian Peterson has been indicted for reckless or negligent injury to a child over the incident. There is clearly much more to come as this case plays out both in the courts and in the media. Is the mother of Peterson’s son outrage understandable? Many would say she is right to be angry that the case details have been illegally leaked.

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