Kunal Nayyar Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Sings Boyz II Men [Video]

Kunal Nayyar of The Big Bang Theory was known for a certain running gag for most of the show’s air time. The actor himself appears to be quite the opposite.

Raj was of course cured of his nearly crippling disability without the use of alcohol when his first real girlfriend Lucy (Kate Micucci) dumped him. Apparently the shock of it triggered something that made him more comfortable about women. As the show’s eighth season approaches, Raj is not only able to talk to women again, but he appears to have a steady girlfriend in Emily (Laura Spencer).

While Rajesh Koothrappali had been unable to talk to women for a majority of the series, his real-life counterpart is taking to the Queen Latifah Show Thursday to flex his vocal chords for the audience with no problem.

Kunal Nayyar conquered the audience with no difficulty after Queen Latifah, a music veteran herself, announced he was making his karaoke television debut. At first he appeared a little shy about it, but when it was his turn to speak, he told the audience he was about to sing the Boyz II Men song “I’ll Make Love to You.”

The host called up a musical queue and romantic lighting as a stage hand delivered a bouquet of roses to The Big Bang Theory star. In mere seconds, the audience was roaring with delight as Nayyar delivered a slightly shaky rendition of the opening verse. Walking out toward the audience, he approached a woman directly and started directing the words toward her.

Nayyar then turned and walked up the stairs further into the audience as he gave another woman a full sniff of the roses. Continuing further up he brushed the roses lightly against another woman’s face before sitting down for a second next to one who started laughing.

Kunal Nayyar definitely showed his romantic side on the Queen Latifah Show. What did you think of his Boyz II Men performance?

Catch this and more when The Queen Latifah Show airs later today.

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