Kerry Washington Designs Purple Purse To Make It Easier For Domestic Abuse Victims To Speak Up

Kerry Washington designed a purple purse in support domestic violence – but not exactly as a fashion statement. She posted a picture of the purple purse at its debut earlier this week on her official Twitter page.

Kerry Washington was actually asked by Allstate to be at the forefront of their newly instituted Purple Purse Program. Allstate wanted to be able to focus on the roots of domestic abuse. The violence aspect has already been covered well in the press and media recently – especially with all of the allegations and domestic violence cases that have emerged within the NFL.

However, with the assistance of Kerry Washington, Allstate’s Purple Purse Program focuses on much more than just that. According to ESSENCE Magazine, the Scandal actress stated that the purple purse was designed with the goal of making it easier to talk about this well-concealed, private issue.

“The purse is such a really great idea because it’s difficult to talk about a black eye [and] credit that’s been destroyed, but women love to talk about fashion. It’s something that we gravitate towards and we like to share, so it’s a good entry point for the issue.”

You may have noticed that Kerry Washington did not just help to design the purple purse, but she also regularly wears her new design – publicly showcasing it at recent red carpet premieres and other public appearances in order to maximize its exposure. Kerry Washington also revealed in the same interview with ESSENCE Magazine that the symbolism of the purse is much deeper than most people might think – including the signature color chosen for it.

“It has to be purple because purple is the signature color for domestic violence awareness, and a purse symbolizes a women’s economic well being – her financial life.”

It is the belief of Allstate and Kerry Washington that many women are subjected to financial abuse, which is what makes them feel trapped in their abusive relationships. The Allstate Purple Purse Program was initiated in order to raise awareness of the significant role that financial abuse plays in this regard – even though it is mostly overlooked by the press and media when discussing such a sensitive subject.

Out of all of the other people that could have been selected as the primary spokesperson and leading voice of the purple purse and the entire program itself, upper executives from Allstate felt obligated to select Kerry Washington specifically for the project.

“There really wasn’t anyone else we could think of. Understanding her passion, because we knew that this is such a personal issue, you just can’t have anyone speaking the words, you really needed someone that felt it in their heart.”

What do you think about the new purple purse?

Do you think that Kerry Washington will inspire more women to speak up about their abuse thanks to her fashionable design?

[Image Credit: International Business Times]

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