WWE: Chris Jericho’s Injury From Kane Drew Blood, Will It Affect Night Of Champions 2014? [Photo]

During the WWE Monday Night RAW match, Chris Jericho suffered an injury from Kane which drew blood and caused the match to be paused while he was checked out. But Jericho is now complaining that this PG era response to a relatively small injury is just another sign of the times.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Chris Jericho’s injury during last week’s Monday Night RAW had the real potential to hurt him. During his cage match with Bray Wyatt, Jericho climbed to the top of the cage and proceeded to dive 15 feet down onto Wyatt. Seth Rollins duplicated the maneuver during his own match with Roman Reigns, but Jericho claimed at the time he believed he had broken a toe doing the Lionsault.

Chris Jericho is prepping for his match with Randy Orton at WWE Night Of Champions 2014, but apparently someone though it would be a good idea to throw a Kane into the works in the week prior to the big match. While Jericho beat Kane, Y2J ended up getting knocked on the chin, which required five stitches in order to close up.

Earlier today, Talk Is Jericho Chris addressed his new injury and revealed that Kane’s shoulder grazed him just right. The shoulder slice split open his chin and caused some bleeding, but it really was not anything to worry about in comparison to facial injuries sustained during the Attitude Era.

Regardless, the WWE paused the match, which incurred Jericho’s wrath since a break like that kills the storyline and makes today’s wrestlers seem kind of wimpy in comparison to years gone by. “It’s the sign of the times,” Jericho said. He also revealed how he once worked with Tatsu in Japan. When the other wrestler wouldn’t stop doing his “wimpy, timid WWE style,” Jericho decided to bust his face open. “Was it unprofessional, yeah, but I wanted a great match,” Jericho admitted. Of course, Tatsu then proceeded to “kick the sh*t” out of him, so all was fair in the end.

Whether or not Chris Jericho’s injury affected his WWE schedule this week was left unsaid. Jericho notified his fans on Twitter that he went down to Atlanta to rehearse with his band Fozzy instead of taping for WWE Smackdown, so don’t expect to see him Friday night. Otherwise, he’s definitely showing up for Night Of Champions this Sunday, although it’s possible he’ll be on Monday Night RAW the following day. But Wrestling Inc. notes that “he is not being advertised by WWE or the FedEx Forum in Memphis.”

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