Justin Bieber Does Shirtless ‘Shmoney Dance Pull Up’ In A Gym, Just Because

Perhaps Justin Bieber was in a whimsical mood because he and back-on girlfriend Selena Gomez appear to be in a sweetspot right now?

Who can say? But it may be best reason on offer as to why the shirtless superstar took to Instagram Wednesday to post a “Shmoney Dance pull up,” as his Swedish trainer Patrick Nilsson called it.

Justin also tweeted the “Lol” captioned video to his 54.7 million followers, then let the clip Shmoney for itself.

In the video, Justin is seen in a gym wearing grey, Adidas sweatpants, visible white, Calvin Kleins while he pretends to pull himself up on a high-bar using only one arm.

Two bodyguards and Nilsson play their part by looking on incredulously and speaking in a nonsensical language.

There’s no real attempt to hoodwink as, at one point in the clip, Bieber claps his hands as he pulls himself up — which is, of course — physically impossible.

Then, it was Shmoney time.

Somehow, Bieber is then seen wearing a black, baseball hat. With abandon, he throws it into the air as unmistakable bars of Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda’s summer hit record “Hot Ni**a” crank out.

On cue, the “Baby” star bends his tattooed, shirtless torso into his version of the Shmoney Dance. To which, his security and trainer displayed more scripted incredulity.

In short, it’s a funny, lighthearted sketch which (at press time), has been “Liked” by over 650,000 users on the photo-sharing site.

Yesterday’s gym session isn’t the first time Bieber has performed the Shmoney Dance.

Last month, the singer debuted his take on the viral dance craze in a studio session with friends.

Later that same day, the Biebs got his Shmoney on again in a gym.

Within hours of Bieber’s first Shmoney Dance video, Shmurda himself reposted one along with the caption, “Ah ah ah s/o the bro Justin Bieber!!”

Translation: seal of approval.

Shmurda burst onto the world stage on the wings of his record this summer. Since then, millions of Vine homages and often very funny online parodies have followed suit.

As well as the Biebs, a lineup of celebrities have co-signed the dance phenomenon made famous by Shmurda, although not originated by him.

These celebrities include: Drake who pulled off his version while hosting the ESPYS, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Megan Fox and – the ultimate endorsement – R&B/Hip-Hop royalty Queen Beyonce and Jay-Z at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium during an “On The Run” tour show in July.

Speaking to Village Voice in a July interview, Shmurda was asked if he thought becoming known for a dance would hurt his career (he would later sign a deal with Epic Records that week).

The rapper’s reply was as breezy as his Shmoney Dance:

“It’s positive,” replied Shmurda. “Bringing dancing back. A lot of people don’t like to dance in rap no more. Everybody wants to two-step and look gangster. I’m not a trained dancer but I got moves. It’s natural.”

Justin Bieber certainly seems to agree.

[Images via AKM-GSI.]

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