‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham: ‘I’m Just Supportive And A Good Parent’

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham knows how to rattle the reality television world with her various comments and actions. When she was a 16-year-old pregnant girl, she didn’t get along with her mother and would often act ungrateful for everything her parents did for her. But these days, Farrah is in full control of her life. What’s more, she sees herself as a big celebrity who needs to protect her daughter, Sophia.

Farrah Abraham has revealed that Sophia is indeed homeschooled. When she revealed this information, many people assumed that she herself was the one doing the homeschooling. But Farrah has since clarified that she herself doesn’t teach Sophia. However, Farrah does seem to be very proud of her daughter.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is revealing that she is thrilled to be giving her daughter a good education, and she really celebrates Sophia’s milestones with her.

“To me, it’s pretty major that she started kindergarten in general. She’s doing homeschooling, and I’m very proud of that. Being a mother and seeing her at this age, I remember this age, so it’s very dear to me and very special. It’s her year,” Farrah Abraham revealed about her daughter.

“I’m just supportive and a good parent. I think that’s what makes a difference in where she’s at, and how excelled she is. It’s pretty cool,” Farrah added.

Abraham explained that Sophia gets her homeschooling through a local university, where the tutor comes to the home. Having Sophia tutored by someone else gives her time to really focus on her career. At present time, Farrah is working on her trilogy of erotic novels and she supposedly signed a stripping contract.

Back in August, Farrah Abraham apparently signed and accepted a stripper deal, which would pocket her $544,000. Shortly after signing the contract, Farrah spent $100,000 on a new car. She brought a pricey Mercedes-Benz E-Class and was eager to spread the news on her social media pages. No word on where she will be stripping.

Abraham has been very adamant that she did not film a sex tape on purpose. She claims that her then-boyfriend, who just so happens to be adult entertainer James Deen, filmed them having sex without her knowledge. Farrah has since embraced her adult entertainment career.

According to The Inquisitr, Farrah has been ousted as a Teen Mom star by some of her former co-stars who did not want to be associated with a porn star. Abraham has often feuded with Jenelle Evans, who has her own set of problems.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham’s decision to home school her daughter?

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