‘Passenger Shaming’ Shows Photos Of Airline Passengers Doing Rude, Gross Things On Board

“Passenger shaming” involves people taking photos of airline passengers who are doing rude and/or gross things while high up in the sky. As you can probably imagine, some people have strange habits while on airplanes… and, yes, there are a lot of feet involved in these crazy pics. According to Yahoo Travel, passengers and flight attendants have been snapping photos of the weird things they witness on various flights around the globe and posting said photos online using the hashtag “#passengershaming.” Some have been sending their photos to an account specifically created for “passenger shaming” that posts them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here are some of the “best” ones posted on Twitter (get ready to be grossed out).

“Passenger shaming” has started to go viral, with tons of passengers taking advantage of the most inconsiderate people and posting them online for all to see. Every passenger travels differently, but it’s the ones who go over the top to make themselves feel at home that are popping up on the internet. Most people who travel frequently know it can be difficult to get comfortable on an airplane — especially on a long flight — but would you be willing to make other passengers uncomfortable for selfish reasons? Probably not… but not everyone agrees.

For more “passenger shaming” photos, you can check out this Instagram account which already has over 30,000 followers. And if you need something to make you smile after seeing all those gross photos, you can check out this article by The Inquisitr. It’s about a 78-year-old grandmother who went on a roller coaster for the first time in preparation for her first flight on an airplane. Grandma Ria cracked up laughing as soon as the ride started and kept on laughing right through the loops and the drops. It is totally worth the watch!

[Photo courtesy of Douglas P. Perkins via Wikimedia Commons]

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