Gay Teen Comes Out To His Mother, But What Happens Next Will Surprise You

A brave teenager who recorded himself coming out as gay to his mother received the shock of a lifetime when she revealed a secret of her own in turn.

YouTube user Hayden Smith posted video of the moment online 10 months ago, although it has only recently gained notice, according to The Daily Mail. As the young man, who appears to be Australian, takes the difficult step of coming out to his mother, she comforts him, telling the emotional teen that she still loves him. The boy’s mother then stuns him into silence, however, when she reveals a secret of her own.

“That’s very brave of you to tell me that,” his mother says. “Thank you for telling me. It doesn’t make me love you any less — at all. Ok? Your choice is your choice. I accept you however way you are. You’re still my boy… Honey, I’m okay with it. Okay? I am okay with it. Can I tell you something too? As you’ve been so open with me, I’ll tell you a secret too… I’ve had a girlfriend.”

It was unclear if the mother was revealing that she is gay or bisexual. She explains that the relationship took place before she was married. It is also revealed in the video that the boy’s father has died.

Hayden Smith posted video of himself coming out to his mother on YouTube, and the moment that followed when she revealed to him that she to has been involved in a same-sex relationship.
YouTube user Hayden Smith received the shock of a lifetime after coming out to his mother, prompting her to reveal to him that she has had a girlfriend in the past.

“Not since your dad passed away,” his mother says. “Yeah? It goes both ways. Yeah? And I was always worried about what you would think. That’s why I always kept it to myself, when you and Dad would joke about me and Marilyn. Sweetheart, thank you for opening up to me. I love you, you know that. I’ll always love you.”

As The Huffington Post notes, the video is a stark and beautiful contrast to some coming out stories that have recently been covered by the media. In August, as the Inquisitr noted, 20-year-old Daniel Ashley Pierce was disowned and thrown out of his family’s home after coming out as gay. Video of the incident spread online, revealing a violent reaction from Pierce’s stepmother, who repeatedly struck him after the family attempted to stage what he described as a “delayed intervention.”

Before the end of the video, after they have both come out to each other, the boy’s mother reaffirms her love for her son.

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