WWE News: Brock Lesnar Not Advertised For ‘Monday Night Raw’ Next Week

Reports surfaced a few weeks ago that Brock Lesnar, WWE World Heavyweight champion, would be around for the long run. In fact, he signed a new contract that guaranteed his availability for more dates than his original deal with the WWE. To the WWE Universe, this was the one sign that granted acceptance from the fans.

For the longest time, WWE fans look at part-time guys and shrug their shoulders when a championship is won. Since they aren’t around all the time, that automatically puts them in an atmosphere where titles cannot be won. In some cases, that popular opinion is correct, but sometimes business is business. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are best for business.

There was truth to Lesnar’s new contract and his widely-acceptable schedule. However, new developments occurred that fans would not like. Lesnar showed up last night to brawl with John Cena before their rematch at Night of Champions. The one complication has to do with Monday Night Raw the following evening.

“It’s worth noting that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is not being advertised for next Monday’s post-Night of Champions RAW from Memphis,” Wrestling Inc. explained.

So, what is the popular opinion from the WWE fans after that announcement? Will all of them go back to hating Lesnar and his persona of being the best? None of that should happen, because of what took place on Raw two nights ago. When was the last great pop for a WWE champion? The Rock, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk received those pops.

If not for Bryan’s resurgence as a major player in WWE, that belt would’ve been too stale for it’s supposed gigantic prestige. Bryan brought life back to the belt after Cena and Randy Orton feuded last year. Truthfully, Orton did more bad to the championship than good. Like it or not, Lesnar is bringing prestige back to that historic belt.

After Lesnar takes care of Cena on Sunday night, he will then move on to the Big Show. Two giants will do battle and cause an eruption from the WWE Universe, and that’s a guarantee. Don’t sell both men short, as both guys can wrestle a great match. Add Ryback, Rusev, and even Mark Henry to the men Lesnar should face down the road. Keep on bringing the Beast Incarnate, one beast after another. The more Lesnar doesn’t show up on WWE programming, the better. When a heel champion gets a pop like that, you know something is being done right.

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