Olympic Gold Medal Star Lolo Jones Cha-Cha-Chas Off ‘Dancing With the Stars’, Horrified By Hate Messages

Olympic contender Lolo Jones hoped to follow in the tradition of other world class athletes when she decided to compete on Dancing with the Stars. But instead of taking home the magnificent mirror ball trophy at the end of the season, Lolo Jones cha-cha-cha’d her way to an early elimination after receiving horrifying hate messages, reported the Hollywood Reporter on September 16.

Lolo Jones won two gold medals and world acclaim. But when challenged to take on a live cha-cha-cha with Keo Motsepe, she experienced what the Olympic athlete termed a technical difficulty. In other words, blame it on someone else.

Fans were quick to respond when Lolo Jones played the “not my fault” blame game. And she flung criticism at them in return.

“Last night was hard, but what’s even harder is having people send me all these messages like we hate you, you have such a bad attitude,” Lolo Jones wailed. “How is me being competitive bad?”

In order to have the opportunity to learn the dances in detail, Lolo Jones even halted her track season. And because this was professional dancer Keo Motsepe’s first season, everyone felt rotten that he had to step off the glittering ballroom floor.

However, Lolo Jones focused on her own frustration. She even spent time texting her partner about her slippery slope to the bottom rather than watch the other dancers perform, reported the Times-Picayune on September 17.

So what would make a track superstar want to slip, slide, and slump on the dance floor? Lolo Jones revealed that, like so many adults who are successful later in life, she suffered in her teens. A bad experience at a high school dance made her give the cold shoulder to dancing with a partner until Dancing with the Stars.

“This is my chance to make up for that,” Lolo Jones explained.

To express her feelings after the show, Lolo Jones turned to social media, posting on her Facebook page on September 16:

“My prayer tonight is for God to soften me and my heart. When you go so many times rejected in public you put walls up. When I was dancing last night and messed up I had flashbacks of the three Olympics and that people constantly tease me about. I thought oh no here it comes again. People are going to ridicule me. I’m so tired of feeling embarrassed.

I joined the other competitors upstairs and I couldn’t force a smile on my face. I felt like vomiting and in between the other dances I went in a back room and fought back tears. I felt so broken. So unlovable. Embarssed.”

As The Inquisitr reported, Lolo Jones is the only star with an athletic background. Because so many viewers assumed that she would do well, this leaves the season open for other celebrities to sparkle brighter than the mirror ball trophy. What do you think? Who did you vote for?

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