Kim Kardashian Gets Accused Of Leaking Her Own Nude Photos, Plays Hairy Alien [Video]

Kim Kardashian’s nude photos weren’t met with the same enthusiasm that Jennifer Lawrence’s stolen photos received when they were leaked on the web over Labor Day weekend. Instead of celebrating their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Kim naked, some Twitter users lashed out at the Kardashian and accused her of leaking her own nude photos.

Kim’s photos were leaked during what some have dubbed “The Fappening: Part 2.” This recent wave of stolen pictures included snaps hacked from the phones of Kim Kardashian, Hope Solo, Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Hudgens, and Kate Bosworth. More photos and videos were also leaked of previous Fappening victims Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Lawrence, and Aubrey Plaza.

Few people seemed excited to see Kim Kardashian nude, and this could have something to do with the amount of skin Kim has already shown. She has appeared in a sex tape and in the pages of Playboy, after all. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Twitter users weren’t completely disinterested in Kim’s naked pictures — they had a blast putting Kardashian on blast in response to the leaked photos.

There were a few conspiracy theorists who pointed out that Kim Kardashian used a BlackBerry Bold to take her photos. As The Inquisitr previously reported, it was theorized that hackers gained access to celebrity’s personal pics via Apple’s iCloud service. If this were the case, then how did Kim’s BlackBerry photos get mixed up in the bunch?

The BlackBerry Kim Kardashian used appears to be a model from a few years ago, so the nude photos probably weren’t taken recently. Perhaps she was so proud of the pics that she just had to transfer them over when she got a new phone. Even though it’s likely that the photos are old, Twitter users poked fun at Kim for not getting with the times by getting rid of her BlackBerry.

In Kim’s defense, there is photographic proof that she owns an iPhone on her Instagram page.

Twitter users didn’t just concoct conspiracy theories and criticize Kardashian’s phone — they also cracked a few jokes about sex tapes and Kanye West.

If you’re more interested in keeping up with what the Kardashian does while clothed, you might want to check out her next TV appearance — she’ll be more covered up than she ever has before. In fact, you won’t have to look at her at all.

According to E! Online, Kim Kardashian is voicing an alien on tonight’s episode of American Dad. Her character is covered with more hair than a Wookiee, and she looks a bit like the Barbie version of Cousin Itt from The Addams Family. The alien might not be much to look at, but she manages to get lucky during the American Dad episode.

“Roger and Francine discover an alien (guest voice Kim Kardashian) in the woods, and Roger capriciously has a one-night relationship with her before being fed up with her quirks,” the episode description reads. You can check out a preview of her appearance below.

It will be interesting to see if Kim Kardashian’s leaked nude photos prove to be good publicity for her American Dad appearance.

[Image credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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