Is Kwippy yet another microblogging service?

OK, so the headline is a little sarcastic, but microblogging services are quickly turning into fast food outlets, so many to choose from, so little with any substantial benefits over the others. Kwippy is another microblogging service that has launched into closed beta, and Steve Hodson was kind enough to invite me in (also read his review here).

The qualitative differences: Kwippy, according to the folks behind it, is “a micro/nanoblogging webapp + IM status logger + social network.” The main focus of Kwippy is based on links in to instant messaging platforms, with support for Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. Like Twitter, the service consists of updates (called rather cleverly Kwip) and can be made from an IM platform, or can be fed back to it.

Kwippy does however lack a lot of features users have come to expect in microblogging platforms. There’s no character limit, but there’s no mobile version or support for @ (although you can reply to messages). There’s no audio, video or picture support such as with Utterz, nor is there any new about the layout, which is straight out of the Twitter play book.

Kwippy claims the service will scale because they’ve built in using Python, Django, Memcashed and Linux (note, their list), and yet I see the term MySQL and I automatically think database, content management, and perhaps some of the same problems Twitter is facing. Smart people keep telling me that treating services like this as content management platforms is the inherent problem before you even start, but I’ll leave that debate to others.

I avoid IM like the plague, and although I have a Google Talk account via proxy through a gmail address, I rarely touch it. I also don’t have an active Yahoo Messenger account, so the links in to these services delivers zero appeal to me. However IM is still immensely popular among younger internet users, and anything that hooks into these services is bound to at least have half a chance of finding an audience. I’m going to give it a shot for a while, mostly because Steve Hodson told me I should, and see how it goes. One day, one of these services is going to be the magic Twitter replacement/ killer, and I’ll keep on trying to find the one that is. The quest for the holy grail of microblogging continues.

You can follow me on Kwippy here, and I also have 25 invites in for those who want them. I need your email address though to send them, so if you can work out a way to give me your address, feel free to do so. Also everyone who gets in gets 25 invites, so there will be lots of sharing going on as well I’d think.

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