Woman Vs. Rubbish: Biker Girl Goes Around Town Delivering Instant Justice To Litterbugs [Video]

An intriguing video showing a biker girl going around town delivering instant justice to people dirtying the streets of a city is fast going viral. The video was uploaded to YouTube a few hours ago and is quickly gaining popularity. It is unclear as to where the location of these incidents are. However, as per The Metro, the events depicted in this video come from Macedonia. This however is yet to be confirmed.

The video clip shows first person views of various people throwing garbage around the town getting instant justice at the hands of the “litter warrior” biker girl. The lady who seems to be patrolling the entire town is looking for people who lack basic civic sense.

The video starts off by showing the biker girl sitting on her parked bike on a sidewalk. The helmet mounted camera captures a woman inside a BMW throwing her cigarette butt on to the sidewalk. Acting fast, the biker girl approaches the car and throws in an entire ashtray filled with used cigarette butts into the car as the person sitting inside the vehicle protests.

Next up, the biker woman and her helmet cam witnesses someone throwing an empty plastic bottle on to the streets of a cross walk. She takes the bottle, rushes towards the car and tapes the bottle on the side view mirror of the car.

In the last clip, the biker girl is seen making her way out of a McDonald’s. That’s when she witnesses a jerk throwing away his unwanted drink – with the McDonald’s paper bag – on the parking lot. She gathers the thrown drink, rushes towards the vehicle and throws it right in. Serves him right!

At this moment, it is unclear of the footage is real or all this is part of a grand anti-litter campaign that is being used to raise awareness. Many people think it is the latter. After all, it is not every day that you frequently come across people littering all around town – and get to tape it as well. People who think this is real stuff argue that the videos could have been shot over long periods of time and edited together in this compilation.

Nevertheless, the video does get the message across and there certainly are people out there who deserve this kind of instant karma from the biker girl

What do you think?

[Image Via YouTube Screengrab]

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