Beyoncé Pregnant? Bey Comes Clean About Pregnancy Rumors In One Photo

Beyoncé pregnant rumors have been circulating for weeks, however, news that Jay Z confirmed that his wife was pregnant with their second child while performing in Paris pretty much took over the internet this week. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jay Z changed the lyrics to one of his songs to “cause she pregnant with another one.” This set off an internet firestorm, with thousands of people believing that this was Jay Z’s way of announcing major baby news.

Unfortunately Bey probably isn’t pregnant — and it didn’t take long for the rumor to be debunked. According to E! News, Life + Times posted a photo of Bey and her hubby drinking champagne in celebration of the end of their super successful On The Run Tour.

Beyoncé likely wouldn’t drink alcohol if she was pregnant — and although there is a chance that there was ginger ale in that glass, it appears as though she wanted to set the record straight — it’s sort of her thing.

“While this isn’t a direct denial of what Hov might have implied on stage, he and Beyoncé have a history of setting the record straight through telling photos rather than carefully constructed public statements.”

When there might not be a pregnancy rumor surrounding Bey and Jay, there is a divorce rumor. The couple has done a great job at debunking those rumors as well. Just when people really start to believe that the couple is splitting up, Bey posts an intimate photo of herself and her husband on Instagram. She doesn’t have to say much at all — she lets the photos do all the talking.

Beyonce will likely be pregnant sometime in the not-too-distant future. She has said that she would “love” to have more children, and that her daughter Blue Ivy “needs some company.”

According to Hollywood Life, Bey is already on bump watch. Every move that the “Drunk In Love” singer makes is going to be scrutinized by the media. Bey was seen “covering her stomach” with her purse on Monday, so despite the champagne toast, some sources are still thinking that there’s a baby on board for Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

“Not only was she positively glowing with happiness, but she appeared bashful as she kept her head down while being photographed. Oh, and then there’s the question of her little black clutch — which she held perfectly in front of her lower abdomen the whole time.”

Do you think Beyonce is pregnant?

[Photo courtesy of Mason Poole via Billboard Magazine]

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