Lauren Manzo Reveals The Entire Family Is Invited To Wedding: Will Dina Manzo Go?

Lauren Manzo has shared some personal struggles on The Real Housewives of New Jersey over the years, including falling in love with her brother’s best friend, dealing with being overweight, and even starting her own business in the beauty industry. However, it sounds like Manzo has conquered these struggles, has grown up and now, she is ready to get married.

Lauren has been planning her wedding to Vito Scalia over the past couple of months and she is getting close to tying the knot. Lauren has picked the date and will wed sometime next summer. She will get married at the family-owned Brownstone. But Lauren seems confident in the guest-list. And surprisingly, her entire family will be invited.

According to a new Bravo report, Lauren Manzo doesn’t want to leave out her mother’s sister, Dina Manzo, from the wedding celebrations. Even though she didn’t mention Dina by name, she did say the entire family. This wedding could become a big The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.

“We’re going to invite everyone in the family,” Lauren has revealed about her upcoming wedding, adding, “The engagement party was over 200 and I kept it small. I’d be shocked if we were able to keep [the wedding] under 400. I really don’t want a big wedding but I really don’t have a choice!”

Since Lauren Manzo is a makeup artist, she is planning on doing her own makeup for her wedding. Lauren wants the best for herself. And she has always wanted a Vera Wang grown. And as soon as she tried one of her gowns on, she knew it was meant to be.

“My whole life, I dreamt of having a Vera Wang gown. Sure enough, it was it,” she reveals of her custom gown, adding, “I wanted a giant princess dress and it’s definitely a giant princess dress. It’s very simple, but the drama of it with the skirt makes it huge. Vera is the only one in my opinion who could do that princess style that I wanted… I really wanted a gown nobody else has.”

Lauren Manzo will continue to share her life story on Bravo, as Caroline Manzo’s spin-off show has been approved by Bravo, according to The Inquisitr. The show is scheduled to premiere this fall. It is possible that Lauren will get married on television. It sounds like Dina will get an invitation in the mail, but it is unknown whether she will accept.

Do you think Lauren Manzo should invite Dina Manzo, even though Dina is not speaking with her own sister, Caroline?

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