Tommy Chong’s ‘DWTS’ Performance Clears The Smoke With His Cha Cha

Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong fame, made his dancing debut on Dancing With the Stars on Monday night. All though he may be best known for lighting up a joint, he proved that he can light up the dance floor as well. His performance was praised by the judges, being called a “sexy grandpa”.

Chong shared that he was not nervous to dance in front of a love television audience and millions of at home viewers. However, he was nervous to find out who his partner would be. That nervousness faded when he found out that Peta Murgatroyd would be by his side.

“I was nervous before I met Peta. I was kind of nervous, ‘Who are they going to put me with?’ but when I saw her, all the nerves went away. I’m in good hands…more Peta please.”

The routine began as a low rider pulled onto the stage, driven by long time partner Cheech Marin,. Many viewers expected the routine to be nothing more than a comedic performance, but the aged stoner took the cha cha seriously as he and Peta took the audience and judges by surprise.

The final result netted the couple a score of 27 out of 40, which may just guarantee Chong another week on the show. After the results on Tuesday night, the world will know for certain what his fate may be.

Tommy Chong shared that he and Cheech had a gentlemen’s bet going for a while now, where neither believed that they would be invited onto the show, despite their past celebrity status. He revealed that there was no prize for winning or losing the bet, but rather a simple deal between the two comedians.

“When Cheech and I gamble, neither one of us pay the other guy. We just say, ‘Put it on my tab.'”

Tommy Chong may seem out of place on the stage, due to his age and big screen persona marked by a drug induced daze, but surprisingly he looked right at home with his partner Peta. The jury is still out on whether he will continue to win the hearts of the audience week after week, but if his performance remains at the level it was on the premier episode, it is certain that he will stick around for at least a few more weeks.

How do you feel Tommy Chong measured up against the other dancers?

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