Sarah Palin Divorce? Former Governor Spotted Sans Wedding Ring After ‘Family Brawl’

Sarah Palin divorce rumors have surfaced following news of a “family brawl” that hit the internet days ago. The former governor of Alaska was spotted out in Anchorage looking disheveled and missing one key piece of jewelry… her wedding ring. According to Radar Online, Palin remained focused as she was questioned by the media. Palin was a mess as she headed out into the public. She looked completely worn out, exhausted and just plain out of it.

“The former VP nominee shielded her face from the cameraman as he asked her if she had anything to say about the events that had unfolded.”

Sarah Palin was somewhat involved in the family brawl, but it’s unknown if the fight actually led to her wanting to divorce her husband, Todd. Of course, this isn’t the first time that divorce rumors surrounded the couple, but this time, the rumors could be true. While the fight really had nothing to do with Sarah and Todd directly, some seem to think that the brawl spiraled out of control and that the whole family started arguing. Here’s how it all started according to Mail Online.

“[The] fight allegedly broke out at a house party most of the Palin family was attending on Saturday night in south Anchorage, when daughter Willow’s ex-boyfriend Connor Cleary tried to get in a Hummer limousine after engaging in some unspecified ‘questionable behavior.’ Sarah’s eldest son Track left the fight with four broken ribs and husband Todd suffered a bloody nose.”

Sarah Palin has been able to dodge divorce rumors in the past — they previously surfaced around the time that she was running for Vice President on the John McCain ticket — but this time, she’s not doing much to help stop them. For starters, she would need to put her wedding ring back onto put an end to the gossip.

Social media has been having some fun with the Palin family brawl. According to the Inquisitr, a song called The Thrilla In Wasilla made its way on to the web. YouTube star James Rustad wrote and performed the song, posting the video for all to see. Since its Sept. 13 release, about 3,000 people have viewed it… so it doesn’t exactly have viral quality. Yet.

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