Top 15 Weight Loss And Beauty Tips From Fashion Week And Celebrities

Lights, camera, action! It’s Fashion Week, and for models, that means using all the beauty tips in the book (and fashion magazine) to strut their stuff on the unforgiving runway. But it’s not just the supermodels. Celebrities also make a living from looking uber-fabulous. And knowing what really works is like having a savings account. You never know when you’ll need it. Now the sleekest, most skilled fashionistas and celebrities in the world are willing to share their weight loss and beauty tips, so here are the top 15, starting with five reported by Fashionista on Sept. 15.

1) Hair wax? Horrors! Instead, use mousse to make tresses terrific.

2) Nail art rules on the best beauty tips lists. But use it more subtly, such as on two nails rather than all 10.

3) Purple rules, and colored mascara appears yearly in lists of trendy beauty tips. But, warns Tom Pecheux, it can make lashes look smaller. To open up those eyes and love your lashes, use a light coat of black mascara followed by a layer of violet. Voila!

4) Curly, girly lashes don’t work when you’re sweating, whether on a fast walk or on the runway. Among the most clever beauty tips is to use a product called Brow Drama from Maybelline, which is not as concentrated, on your lashes in such situations.

5) Puffy hair can ruin your day. Do what the models do by sleeping in that head garment known as a doo-rag, our favorite addition to the beauty tips advice of the year.

Fashion Week models may seem aloof. But when asked, they love revealing their favorite beauty tips and weight loss wisdom. The following five beauty tips and diet suggestions come from PopSugar on Sept. 14.

1) Refuel after your workout with a protein shake. It will keep that calorie burn high and satisfy your hunger, says supermodel Karlie Kloss, queen of beauty tips.

2) Let’s peek in Karle’s purse for her beauty tips. “My favorite tricks and things to keep in my bag are makeup remover wipes, a nice lotion — like Homeoplasmine — or just a really simple lotion to take makeup off. ”

3) Beauty tips from Frida Munting focus on her fabulous skin. But she has to work for that clear tone. Frida avoids junk food, limiting herself to one mango a day for a healthy treat.

4) Ajak Deng also believes that when it comes to her best beauty tips, it’s all about the best diet for weight loss and health. She eats steak for energy and sips water with lemon for clear skin.

5) Cindy Bruna keeps it simple. Use bottled mineral water for everything, especially washing your hair.

In addition to beauty tips, fashion models know how to stay slim. And that applies to celebrities too. We’ve got their five top weight loss secrets here, beginning with Victoria Beckham, who began her career as a model before turning into a singer and then transforming herself into the world’s most stylish businesswoman and mother.

1) Victoria recently tweeted a photo of her beauty tips and diet secret, captioned, “My new thing!! Eat one tsp a day!” That new weight loss product is Virgin Raw Foods Bee Panacea dietary supplement. It’s a mixture of pollen and superfoods plus herbs. It’s designed to detoxify while boosting weight loss and reducing food cravings.

2) As The Inquisitr reported, Sofia Vergara believes in the benefits of low carb diets for maintaining that famously curvy body. Who needs beauty tips when you always top the lists of hottest women in the world?

3) In contrast, Jennifer Lopez recently achieved her weight loss goals by going gluten-free and vegan.

4) Kim Kardashian responded to fans’ questions about her weight loss success by revealing her choice of the high fat low carb Atkins diet.

5) And Jennifer Aniston, despite repeated rumors that she has a bun in the oven, has flaunted her sleek physique for years by cutting carbohydrates and banning bread. Also slashing carbs: Britney Spears!

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for The Intimate Britney Spears]

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