Unreal Engine 3 support announced for Flash 11

At Adobe’s annual Adobe Max conference today, Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney took to the stage to announce that Unreal Engine 3 is supported in Adobe’s latest iteration of Flash, Flash 11.

Why is this important, you ask? Well, this could be a huge step forward for browser-based social games like what’s on offer over on Facebook and Google+. Not only could our social games start looking much better, but we could see whole new genres emerge in the social gaming space. Who knows, we might even be able to eventually play ports of existing Unreal Engine 3 games straight through our browser.

In the two videos embedded below, we get to see what Unreal Engine 3 looks like running in a web browser. It may not be quite as good looking as it would be running on a PC with the settings cranked to max, but it’s still quite impressive when you consider it’s running in a browser.

Source: Epic

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