Jennifer Aniston Pregnant: Actress Reportedly Hiding Baby Bump Until She’s Ready To Announce

Jennifer Aniston is finally pregnant with her first child, new reports are claiming.

Buzz about Jen’s possible pregnancy has been growing in recent weeks as the actress addressed the seemingly endless questions of whether she plans to have — or even wants — kids of her own. Children were never in the cards for Jen when she was married to Brad Pitt, though he would later go on to have a small flock with Angelina Jolie.

But several outlets are now reporting that Jennifer Aniston is indeed pregnant with her first child and has been trying to keep her baby bump under wraps until she’s ready to officially announce.

The reports would seem to confirm the news from last week that Jennifer Aniston had gotten pregnant thanks to in-vitro fertilization.

“Buzz in Jen’s inner circle is that she’s nearly three months along but doesn’t want the news to come out until she knows for sure that the baby will be okay,” a source told OK! magazine.

It could just be the case that the rumor mill is reaching for more stories about the popular star. Just days ago, a different report claimed that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were actually headed for a split after he was caught red-handed flirting with other women.

A source told Life & Style that Justin was seen flirting with Girls star Allison Williams at an Emmy Awards after party on August 25.

“He twirled a cigarette, joked and flirted with her,” the eyewitness told the publication.

Theroux also reportedly had his eyes on Paula Patton, who is still fresh off a split from Robin Thicke.

“They huddled so close, their lips almost met,” the party guest said.

“After friends tipped Jen off about his behavior, she ripped him a new one,” an insider added.

If all the tabloid reports are to be taken at their face, Jennifer Aniston is either pregnant, breaking up or possibly both.

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