Mayim Bialik Claims She Has ‘No Idea’ Who Ariana Grande Is Or What She Does

Mayim Bialik may not the type of celebrity you would associate with bitchiness and as a general rule that is true, but even The Big Bang Theory starlet has her limits, when it comes to sharing the thoughts on her mind.

Would you believe that, according to Mayim’s blog, she has no idea who Ariana Grande even is and, moreover, thinks she is nothing more than a lingerie promoter?

Most people these days know exactly who Ariana Grande is, to the point where it’s almost unbelievable that Mayim Bialik knows not of her.

According to a Fox News report the revelations were made on Mayim’s personal blog, as we mentioned earlier, and it seems that Mayim has taken an unexplainable dislike to poor Ariana.

The basis of Bialik’s rant on Grande? The fact that she seems to think Grande is immodest and doesn’t want her two young sons to be exposed to such provocativeness.

We will let the blog entries speak for themselves, we think you’ll get the picture.

“There is one for Ariana Grande, and I will go ahead and admit I have no idea who she is or what she does. Based on the billboard, she sells lingerie. Or stiletto heels. Why is she in her underwear on this billboard though? And if she has a talent (is she a singer?), then why does she have to sell herself in lingerie? I mean, I know that society is patriarchal and women are expected to be sexy and sexually available no matter what we do in society, but I guess now I need to explain that to my sons?”

According to that little lot it seems like Mayim isn’t really being bitchy; a little cutting and judgmental perhaps, but not bitchy.

According to the Fox report, the fact that Mayim Bialik is an Orthodox Jew, means that she is more sensitive to provocative and immodest adverts and TV shows, which is curious seeing as she herself works in Hollywood.

In continuing with her rant about the immodest Ariana Grande ads, Mayim blogged, “Am I a crotchety old lady? I guess so. But I just don’t understand why this is what ads need to look like. Why do I have to be OK with young women literally in lingerie on gigantic billboards? If I want to see women in lingerie, I can walk through any mall with a Victoria’s Secret.”

A fair point perhaps but c’mon Mayim, this is America 2014 and in these times of plenty billboards selling lingerie that feature sexy woman like Ariana Grande are very successful and just an everyday thing to most people.

Do you think Mayim’s comments about Ariana were warranted? Fair enough? Totally out of order? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments feed below.

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