Leonard Nimoy Attends Final Star Trek Convention

It’s a sad day for Trekkers everywhere as Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy has officially announced his retirement from the Star Trek convention circuit.

Mr. Spock made his first appearance on the Star Trek series in September 1996 and now at 80-years-old Nimoy says the 45th anniversary celebration in Chicago will likely be his last.

Thanking his fans for all of the wonderful years he formed his famous Vulcan sign as fans paid tribute to their star by holding up signs that read:

“We love you Leonard! Live long & prosper.”

Leonard Nimoy made his return to TV on FOX’s hit show Fringe but in April 2010 he announced that he would retire from acting and subsequently left the show.

NiMoy also recently appeared in the music video for the Bruno Mars hit “Lazy Song” for which he poked fun at fellow Star Trek cast member William Shatner for his spokesman role at Priceline.

With less Star Trek actors appearing at conventions on a yearly basis it will be interesting to see how the shows carry on in the future.

Here’s Nimoy in The Lazy Song:

Are you sad to see Leonard Nimoy walking away from Star Trek conventions after all these years.

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