William Shatner Talks Takei, Famous Shatner Cadence

Can you believe William Shatner is already 80 years old?

The octogenarian actor hasn’t really slowed down all that much in his old age, and even has a book and memoir set to drop imminently. Shatner will be sitting down tonight with Nightline to discuss his ventures new and old, reminiscing about the past and present and dishing dirt on a variety of things that occurred during the course of his career.

One of the topics Shatner will discuss is his strange and seemingly contentious relationship with fellow Star Trek co-star George Takei. After Shatner was dissed by Takei at a Comedy Central roast, he says he attempted to reach out to his former co-worker only to be rebuffed. Of the broken relationship, Shatner sadly laments:

“I don’t know what is his problem. I keep saying to him, Hey, you’re getting old. Do you want to die in enmity? And I’m not getting anywhere, so I’ve sort of given up.”

Shatner also discusses his favorite pastime outside of work- horses. From atop a horse, he discusses the allure of the his hobby:

“One of the requirements of reining is you do a rapid maneuver and then you stay very still… Theoretically, it’s dramatic,” he said. “Did you receive that information? Hang on a second. Here. Comes. Another.”

But Shatner isn’t poking fun at himself too thoroughly, and contends his serious demeanor comes from a good place:

“I am passionately devoted to whatever it is we’re talking about or whatever it is I’m doing… If it’s on a child and charity, if it’s on an animal, it’s valid and good and beautiful. If it’s on a cartoon, if it’s on a foolish man that I’m playing and I have the equal attention and devotion to it, it’s funny.”

Shatner’s entire interview can be read over at ABC News, and his Nightline appearance airs tonight.

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