LeSean McCoy Still Weathering Blowback For Twenty Cent Tip As Receipt Sells For Hundreds

LeSean McCoy opened a conversation about tipping when he left a server 20 cents rather than 20 percent, but a week later, the fervor still hasn’t ended. McCoy has addressed the incident, saying the server was rude and that he left the tip he believed was deserved for service received. However, the NFL star is still taking blowback on Twitter.

On Saturday, McCoy tweeted about a prize for a randomly picked entrant to his Fantasy Football league, promising a free pair of tickets to one lucky winner. McCoy may have jumped the gun on talking to fans about money so soon after the incident, though. Twitter users blasted back, reminding LeSean of his low tip.

In at least one tweet too vulgar to repost here, he is referred to as “20 cent,” and in another, racial epithets and stereotypes are flung, along with wishes that future servers spit in McCoy’s food.

Meanwhile, the receipt with LeSean’s signature and a twenty cent tip is selling on eBay, and as of this posting, has made it to $800, with four days yet to bid. The description suggests a buyer’s reward will be twofold.

“Not only do you get to keep a memento of weird current events/social media history but you also get an autograph from incredibly talented Philadelphia Eagles running back, LeSean McCoy!!!”

The eBay seller goes on to further request that the buyer write a personal note to the employees at the restaurant where McCoy’s tip went viral, and says that the amount will become “the largest tip possible” for the waitstaff.

It’s not just on Twitter that LeSean is taking scoldings for the incident, either. An Instagram video McCoy posted depicting a day off with his family also received harsh words.

One comment on the video compares LeSean to another big NFL name.

“Tony romo would’ve tipped”

Others inform viewers of the video that servers aren’t paid minimum wage and depend on tips, and engage in further name-calling. Across McCoy’s social media accounts, waitstaff state that they would refuse to serve him, or that he wouldn’t be welcome in their restaurants.

For the server, a twenty cent tip may have been an insult, but for LeSean McCoy, it may turn out to be a PR nightmare and affect his own livelihood as well.

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