Nick Cannon Dating Kreesha Turner? Nick Moves On While Mariah Carey Breaks Down

Nick Cannon might already be dating after his split from Mariah Carey. Although the couple isn’t divorced just yet, rumors that Nick has moved on romantically have already been circulating. The most recent claim suggests that Nick is dating Kreesha Turner. According to Celebuzz, the America’s Got Talent host attended an event with the singer-songwriter on Sept. 10. It’s unknown if the two were romantic or flirty throughout the night, but the fact that the two showed up together really got people talking.

While Nick seems to be enjoying his life without reservations, friends of Mariah believe that she’s headed for a breakdown. According to Life & Style, Nick has basically been tiptoeing around his wife because he doesn’t want to her to spiral out of control for the sake of the couple’s two children (and perhaps for her well-being also).

Nick Cannon has reportedly wanted to leave Mariah for quite some time, but he was afraid that she’d go crazy — and that would affect his kids. According to Life & Style, sources say that Mariah’s previous mental health issues have played a major role in how this split is going down.

“[Mariah] has a history of mental health issues… Nick’s No. 1 goal is to get the kids into a healthy environment where they would have some sense of normalcy.”

Cannon has already moved most of his things out of the New York City apartment that the couple shared. While he has admitted that there is “trouble in paradise,” he doesn’t seem to be in any kind of rush to file divorce papers — and neither does Mariah. There is a chance that the two are just taking a break and trying to work things out, but based on what sources are saying, it sounds more like Nick being very careful to make sure that Mariah doesn’t flip out — and that his two kids are in a safe environment.

Mariah Carey could even end up going to rehab at some point in the not-so-distant future. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nick has been trying to get Mariah help for quite some time now.

“Nick wanted Mariah to go to rehab. She has a different bond with Nick than any of the men she’s been with, and that’s why she’s taking this breakup even harder. She’s going to have a total breakdown if someone doesn’t intervene soon. She really needs help before she ends up in the hospital.”

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